Suzanne Kasler: Sophisticated Simplicity


Carolyne Roehm: Design & Style

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William Abranowicz: American Originals

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Jay Jeffers: Be Bold


Courtney Allison: French Country Cottage


Pano Karatassos: Modern Greek Cooking


Jeffrey Dungan: The Nature of Home


Patrick Sutton: Storied Interiors


Ray Booth: Evocative Interiors


Kathryn Scott: Creating Beauty


Mark Finlay: Country Houses


Grant Kirkpatrick: California Contemporary


Amy Howard: Rescue, Restore, Redecorate

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Bobby McAlpine: Poetry of Place


This volume features the recent projects of McAlpine, one of the country’s most highly respected architecture and interior design firms, renowned for its timeless houses exemplifying the charm and elegance of traditional and vernacular English, American, and European styles blended with a modern sensibility. 

Following from their first book, The Home Within Us, this book profiles twenty stunning projects, from a stone tower folly standing in the gardens of a Tudor-style house to a humble yet elegant wooden lakeside retreat. Through his poetic voice, Bobby McAlpine narrates the story of each residence, pointing out its unique qualities. Featured are an exotic Florida Panhandle beach house; a Tuscan-style horse farm; a rambling Colonial Revival compound; and a miniature European manor house, among others. These dwellings are classically understated and welcoming. With its gorgeous photography of inspiring interiors and exteriors, Poetry of Place will appeal to those interested in design romancing the past.

Cullman & Kravis: From Classic To Contemporary: Decorating with Cullman & Kravis


Interior design firm Cullman & Kravis infuses traditional interiors with a modern perspective, embracing historicism and referencing a wide range of cultures and contemporary design motifs. In From Classic to Contemporary: Decorating with Cullman & Kravis, Ellie Cullman and Tracey Pruzan explore the lessons from modernism that add a new and welcome dynamism to the firm’s most recent projects, both traditional and modern.
“We believe in the alchemy of old and new,” observes Ellie Cullman, founder and principal of Cullman & Kravis. “We approach every project with the rigor of a jigsaw puzzle, but with the desire to create a magnificent tapestry.”
Cullman and Pruzan share how the venerable interior design firm applies principles of modernism to add a new and welcome tension to their more classical work, while in their more modern schemes, the classic principles of design guide their process. 

Beth Webb: An Eye For Beauty, Rooms That Speak To The Senses


Beth Webb believes that regardless of who we are or what kind of style we prefer, beauty and comfort are paramount for any home. Because each room is an environment, her design elevates the everyday by speaking to the five senses. In this lavishly illustrated book, Webb explores the fundamentals of creating a home in which every element we see and touch, and how the room makes us feel, enhance our ability to live well. Webb gracefully shares ideas, images, and stories illustrating these principles throughout this rich visual resource and design reference.

Cathy Graham: Second Bloom: Cathy Graham's Art of the Table

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