Alex Glasscock

Jill Cohen is a very special and admired talent in the field of publishing. She exemplifies the highest level of integrity, competency and professionalism. Her reputation, alone, opens doors in the most effortless and effective way. After interviewing many possible agencies, it was clear that she sets the standard at the highest level. Did I mention that she is fun to be around too!

My recommendation when working with Jill is simple. Listen to her advise, ask questions so you understand the process and then do exactly what she recommends.

Barbara Westbrook

Without Jill Cohen, there would not have been a book. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, and guidance from start to finish, brought my book into fruition. I consider her not only the best agent in the business, but a dear friend.
— Barbara Westbrook

Preston Bailey

I have had the great pleasure of working on all of my books with Jill.  Very simply, Jill just gets it.  She understands that a book is as much a marketing tool for my business as it is a stand-alone publication.  Her genius is creating new, fresh concepts that are both relevant and timeless.  With her wisdom and vision my books are grand statements of my work that have drawn the attention of many clients around the world.
— Preston Bailey

Timothy Corrigan

In every field there are a handful of individuals who stand out above the crowd in terms of talent, intelligence, integrity, ability and skills.  In the world of publishing, there is only one person that combines all of those traits (and then some), and that is: Jill Cohen! Jill is a consummate professional with an innate sense of timing, good taste, and resourcefulness. I feel blessed, indeed, the day that Jill entered my life.
— Timothy Corrigan

Ellie Cullman

Jill Cohen has shepherded our new book from conception to contract, design through editing. I could not imagine doing this book without her.  Not only has she has completely deconstructed and demystified the publication process for us, she is also an absolute delight to work with!
— Ellie Cullman

Randy Fenoli

“Love at first sight” is the only way I can describe meeting Jill Cohen for the first time! Jill’s knowledge of the publishing industry is unmatched, and her positive energy is simply infectious!  She’s organized, focused, hard-working, and absolutely BRILLIANT!  Simply put, Jill Cohen is the best in the business!
— Randy Fenoli,  Star of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” and Fashion Director at Kleinfeld Bridal

Keith Granet

I have had my “book” in my head for eight years and if it wasn’t for Jill I am not sure it would have ever seen the light of day.  Jill encouraged me, guided me and held my hand through the process.  In the end, I will have the book I always wanted but more importantly I have a friend and respected colleague that I can collaborate with for many years to come.  If your dream is to write a book, there is no one more skilled than Jill to make that dream come true.
— Keith Granet

Oscar Andrew Hammerstein

Jill Cohen is not so much an agent as she is a fully committed, strategic partner. She has navigated my literary projects through the treacherous shoals of today’s troubled publishing waters. She gets it done!
— Oscar Andrew Hammerstein

Suzanne Kasler

Jill put together a professional and beautiful presentation for my book—she is not only talented but her contacts and her publishing knowledge is so impressive.  She is also a darling person who is both optimistic and realistic—a combination that makes her amazing and makes you feel fortunate to be associated with her.
— Suzanne Kasler

Tom Kligerman, IKBA Architects

Jill Cohen is an extraordinary individual in the world of publishing—her knowledge of books and getting them produced was essential to the success of our own monograph. Jill was exemplary in guiding our firm from concept through all phases of producing the book, from creating a proposal to selecting a publisher and facilitating the design and production work.  Additionally she has been indispensable in the marketing process.  We are grateful for her experience and professionalism. It is without the slightest hesitation that we recommend her—we look forward to our next book project with Jill.
— Tom Kligerman, IKBA Architects

Marc Kristal

I’ve been a writer for 35 years, and worked in journalism, the movies, academia, and the corporate world, and I’ve never met anyone quite like Jill.  As an advocate, she seems to have a perfect understanding of what you do, the clients who will appreciate it, and how you should work with them—which means you get the work, make money, and the jobs go smoothly.  That would be enough, as they say—but Jill is also a unique human being: sensitive to your creative nature without indulging you, straightforward in her opinions and advice without being harsh.  And she closes the deal.  You can’t do better than Jill Cohen.
— Marc Kristal

Brian McCarthy

I could write a book about my experience collaborating with Jill Cohen and her boundless enthusiasm and vision shaped my book and changed my world.  She visualized the book almost immediately. Jill made it painless and effortless in so many ways.  I trusted her implicitly every step of the way and she never steered me wrong.  I am eternally grateful to Jill for the magic she has brought to Luminous Interiors.
— Brian McCarthy

Mary McDonald

Jill guided me from start to finish.  I would never have been able to navigate the ins and outs of the publishing world without her and she gives 150 percent.  She sees what you have to offer and builds on that while also telling you the realities of the publishing business.  I cannot imagine not working with her—besides she is a blast!
— Mary McDonald

Rebecca Moses

I’ve been a fashion and lifestyle designer my entire life. Creating my first book was probably the most difficult (and craziest) thing I have ever tried to do—until I met Jill. She knew I had a book in me but I needed to find and define my voice. She helped me communicate without losing my vision or identity. In fact, she brought more of me out that I ever realized I had. Her human sensitivity, remarkable experience and just plain smart way of being…are a perfect combination to ignite and support a creative individual.
— Rebecca Moses

Jonathan Newhouse

Jill created a highly successful book and mail order division for Conde Nast Publications. She possesses a rare combination of entrepreneurial drive, deep knowledge of every aspect of the business and the capacity to turn vision into profit-making reality. She is a delight to work, and she gets results.
— Jonathan Newhouse Chairman Conde Nast International Ltd.

Jennifer Paganelli, Sisboom

It takes incredible vision and finesse to walk into a business you know little about capture its essence, package it, prepare it for the bookshelf. Jill Cohen came in to my life and with energy and sensitivity was able to brilliantly bring my vision to the publishers attention. Within weeks we had offers from publishers. It is with tremendous admiration and applause I recommend Jill to anyone looking for a way to build their brand. She is smart and concise and will not waiver from her objective—that is her most endearing quality.
— Jennifer Paganelli, Sisboom

Carolyne Roehm

Jill fights for her authors not just by making a good deal for them but by walking the child that one has created, nurtured, polished and refined in into a work of art through the entire publishing process. She fights for what is important for the work and as a designer that means everything to me.
— Carolyne Roehm

Annie Selke

Highly respected, connected, and experienced as both agent and publisher, Jill delivers for clients and publishers because she knows what makes a great book and a winning proposal—as well as how to sell them. She is hands on, hard working and smart. I can’t imagine a better guide and advocate in negotiating the changing world of publishing.
— Annie Selke

Gil Schafer

If you look at any random shelf in your design library, you can’t help but find a book that has benefited from the deft guiding hand of Jill Cohen. She is inspired–and inspiring, practical, and, most importantly, unfailingly honest about your material and the book that will show off your work at its best, so it’s no wonder so many trust her to shepherd their books through the publishing process.

I can’t imagine having done my book without her. If it has been successful, it is in no small part because of her thoughtful and always-spot-on guidance throughout the entire journey of creating and publishing it–not to mention her ever-reliable good nature and wonderful sense of humor. I highly recommend her to anyone contemplating publishing a new book on design.
— Gil Schafer

Bobbi Brown

I have published 3 of my 7 books with Jill as my partner-in-crime. I can honestly say she is a committed professional with a deep sense of integrity who exceeds my expectations every time. Jill has a remarkable understanding of the world of publishing, from the ever-changing market to the needs of the writers she represents. I am now working on my fourth book with Jill, and am having just as much fun as the first time, while continuously learning from her expertise. Jill is one of the most dedicated people in the industry, incredibly focused, extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, and a true pleasure to work with.
— Bobbi Brown. Founder and CEO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics