Matthew Patrick Smyth

The defining moment of my book was the day I met with Jill Cohen. Within minutes I could tell I was dealing with a serious pro. Jill’s clear, focused sense of the market and the publishing world comes across within minutes of meeting with her. She is a straight shooter who can see the potential as well as the pitfalls of an author’s concept and set them on the right path. Without her expertise and guidance I would never have a book. It was her belief that my publisher and I would be happy with the end result if we followed her advice. This belief kept me going and enabled me to finish. It is a wonderful feeling to realize that your editor is 100 percent in your corner at all times.
— Matthew Patrick Smyth

Stephen Sills, James Huniford

Jill is a joy to work with. She has an amazing ability to work with creative people and transform their vision into beautiful books.
— Stephen Sills, James Huniford

Suzanne Tucker

Jill Cohen is the consummate pro when it comes to the publishing world of beautiful books! Her depth of knowledge, her years of hands-on experience, her energy and enthusiasm coupled with her personal connections to the top echelon of publishers are invaluable. I got an extraordinary “crash course” into the publishing world with Jill and relied on her completely for her guidance and expertise. There’s no one like Jill to lead an author in all the right directions and to great success. She leads and I happily follow!
— Suzanne Tucker

Campion Platt

Jill sets her own bar, really high. I thoroughly enjoyed our close working relationship and felt she really invested in understanding my brand and direction. She distilled 15 years of work into a cohesive, logical and fun narrative.
— Campion Platt

Amanda Nisbet

Working with Jill is an absolute pleasure. Jill has the rare ability of getting the job done all the while maintaining her grace and humor. Jill’s work ethic and singular dedication to her clients is unparalleled.
— Amanda Nisbet

Brooke and Steve Giannetti

Jill is so much more than a book agent. She guided us through the entire process from helping us fully develop our book concept, to finding the perfect publishing house that fit our goals, to creating a strategic marketing plan and everything in between. Jill sees the big picture. She helped us to see our book as an opportunity to develop our brand. Jill exceeded our expectations every step of the way. She has become a dear friend. We actually want to write another book just to keep Jill in our life. She’s the best.
— Brooke and Steve Giannetti

Mona Hajj

Jill gets it!  She is extremely intelligent, professional, and to the point.  I am very fortunate to have her working on my book and look forward to working on future projects with her.  She is the best out there and a complete pleasure to work with.
— Mona Hajj